Hungary could host prestigious international pigeon racing events!

An important announcement was made at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Hungarian Homing Pigeon Sports Association held in August 2023. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, announced at the event that the ministry supports Hungary's plans to organise a Central European show in 2025 and the Homing Pigeon Olympics a year later, the minister said on his social media page.


Sixty-eight years ago, Hans Eijerkamp took his first steps in the pigeon sport. He passed his passion and hobbies on to his three sons. They were just as "pigeon crazy" as their father. However, Evert-Jan (56) became more and more fanatical and, together with his father, further developed their shared passion. Over the years, they created their own strain, the H & E.J Eijerkamp strain, based on [...]


Willy Daniëls stands out again every season with impressive results at national level. He had a unique performance with two full brothers in 2016 and 2017. He won the 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YLs KBDB title. Sara won the 2016 title with racing eggs and her full sister Nadine won the 2017 title. National and provincial first prizes of the years [...]

Racing Pigeon School

Genetic tendencies and psychological predispositions If homing pigeons are not in the "racing pigeon school", they are in the wild - even if the pigeon fancier calls it a "pigeon shoot". If homing pigeons are not in constant (at least) daily contact with pigeon fanciers (we are not just talking about 5 minutes of feeding) then they are growing in a "natural" or "wild" psychological environment [...]