Every season Willy Daniëls stands out again with his impressive results at national level.

He achieved a unique performance with two full siblings in 2016 and 2017. He won the 1st National Ace Pigeon Medium YLs KBDB title. Sara competed for the 2016 title and it was her full sister Nadine who won the 2017 title.

National and provincial first prizes over the years:
1st National Argenton in 2008 out of 5,252 gallons
1st National Chateauroux 2015 out of 18,604 gallons
1st National Chateauroux in 2015 out of 5,886 gallons
1st National Chateauroux in 2016 out of 9,505 gallons
1. International Prov. Vierzon 2017 from 4,854 gallons (and fastest from 13,031 gallons)
1. National Pigeon Pigeon Medium Term YLs in 2016 KBDB
1st National Champion Intermediate YLs 2016 in KBDB
1. National Pigeon Pigeon Medium Term YLs in 2017 KBDB


BE11-6140876 Nikki:
1st National Chateauroux from 18,604 gallons in 2015
4. Provincial Vierzon from 10,480 gallons
382. Provincial Bourges of 2,663 galams
116. Provincial Vierzon from 2,196 galams
33rd National Bourges from 22,663 gallons


BE15-6034008 Sara:
1. National Pigeon Middle Distance in 2016 KBDB
28. National Bourges I 478 km 19,889 galambb
45th National Argenton I 555 km from 18,363 gallons
2nd National Argenton 555 km from 12,449 gallons
32nd National Châteauroux 526 km from 9,540 gallons


BE16-6064083 Nadine:
1. National Pigeon Middle Distance in 2017 KBDB
3. National Argenton I 555 km from 22,712 gallons
14th National Zone B1 Châteauroux I 526 km from 8,584 galambi
8th National Châteauroux III 526 km from 4,389 gallons
120th National Châteauroux II 526 km from 14,955 gallons

Nadine, named Selin, was bought by a Chinese fan for a record 400 000 euros.

According to Willy, keeping hens is less labour-intensive and less disruptive. He explains why:
- Training is only once a day and training is less important than for males
- In attic houses they are placed in front of the attic or locked in their boxes at night
- They perform better than males

Willy's only criteria is the basket; a good quality collection is all that matters in our sport. It takes a lot of competition and stringent requirements to get a top class group of pigeons, and this is especially true in limited space pens like this one. Willy does not allow any pigeons other than the talented pigeons in the dough to appear.

Willy has always achieved great results with a small number of pigeons.

Some of the pigeons in our population are descendants of this species.
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