Pigeon Exhibition Dortmund 2019

Fair Deutsche Brieftaubenausstellung – The meeting point of the international pigeon scene
The German Pigeon Exhibition in Dortmund is the meeting point of the international pigeon scene a world-famous event around pigeons.

Around 200 international exhibitors will present their services and offers at the German Pigeon Exhibition in Dortmund, including carrier, pigeon fodder, electronic registration systems, specialist journals, dovecote systems, truck transport vehicles, insurance companies and much more. In addition, more than 2,000 pigeons are exhibited by breeders from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

A special supporting program as well as expert forums with veterinarians, meteorologists, experienced breeders and electronics specialists also offers interesting information and sufficient opportunity for interesting discussions and makes the German Pigeon Exhibition a plus to the international expert meeting point of the pigeon scene.