Armando smashed the record of most expensive pigeon ever sold in an online auction

The Joël Verschoot pigeon auction at PIPA reached an apotheosis on Sunday 18th of March: they smashed the record of most expensive pigeon ever sold in an online auction with an incredible 1,252,000 euro. (more…) [...]

Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race

Its early december and as such with the doors now closed for this years entries into the derby arona Tenerife one loft race, the derby arona team welcome  pigeons to Tenerife, as a result of working tirelessly. The team have reported a record number of pigeons for this year’s campaign [...]

Space Age Ventilation – Loft Atmosphere

On a visit ten years ago the Hungary to the city of Kaposvar, I met the well known German pigeon photographer Gerhard Schlepphorst. Several times we talked at length about which fanciers in Germany or Holland came up with the finest performances. During on of these exchanges the name of [...]

Racing pigeon school

Genetic tendencies and psychological predispositions If homing pigeons are not “in racing pigeon school,” then they are in the wild – even in a pigeon loft. If homing pigeons do not continually interact with fanciers on a daily basis (at a minimum), then they are growing up in a [...]

Record breaker Gaby Vandenabeele raises almost 6,6 million € in total auction

It is difficult to grasp that this event marks the end of Gaby Vandenabeele’s pigeon racing career. The last ever pigeons bred by Gaby were sold on Monday. A total of 815 pigeons were sold in auction: 534 young birds and 281 old birds. The most expensive young bird was [...]

Racing schedule of the Hungarian Galamb Derby is finalized

The Galamb Derby is the biggest racing series in Hungary in number and extension with the participation of 400 sportmates and 14.000 pigeons in 2018, with 17 races altogether and a flying zone of 240 kilometers in length and 100 kilometers in width that is nearly 20.000 square [...]

Their Racing Pigeons Caught a Bullet Train. Then the Authorities Caught Up.

BEIJING — If you ever try to cheat in a pigeon race, just remember this: Bullet trains travel much faster than homing pigeons. Two men who tried to rig a bird race in China — and claim $160,000 in prize money — have learned that lesson the hard way [...]