Sixty-eight years ago Hans Eijerkamp took the first steps in the sport of pigeon racing. He passed on his passion and hobbies to his three sons. They were as "pigeon crazy" as their father. But Evert-Jan (56) became more fanatical and fanatic and, together with his father, developed their shared passion.

Over the years they have created their own strain, the H & E.J Eijerkamp strain, based on the Janssen x van Loon pigeons. Hans Eijerkamp bought his first Janssen pigeons from the world famous Janssen brothers of Arendonki in 1964, and this was the beginning of the many successes that followed the purchase. When the Van Loon pigeons were brought into the Eijerkamp loft in the nineties, the Janssen x van Loon cross gave a definite boost to the performance of most of the pigeons, their most famous pigeon being Flits 85.

Flits 85: Olympic pigeon in Utrecht 1995, best breeding pigeon, sire and grandsire of several 1st prize winners and national pigeons, including Olympic Lisa, 1st National Pigeon Western Nations Cup B category, and Miss Saigon, 2nd National Pigeon WHZB 2000.


In 2001 Miss Saigon was paired with the best Van Loon breeder, Chicago. This Chicago was half of a very successful breeding pair and Denver was the other half. It immediately became apparent that the pairing of Chicago and Miss Saigon would also be a rose breed. They became the parents of Abel, Cain, Achilles, Helena, Demeter, Britt... But even more importantly, the genes of these pigeons were so strong and dominant that the top pigeons were born one after the other.

The 2nd generation of crossbreeding is represented by Ché. This outstanding male won: 1st against Arra 9,851 pigeons and 1st against NPO Orleans 14,295 pigeons. This dominance of the breed continues to this day with a whole new generation of racers and breeders. In 2015, Jana, granddaughter of Cain, won 1st NPO Bourges (610 km) against 6,187 pigeons and 10th National Pigeon WHZB in the Netherlands. Several C. and G. Koopman pigeons have been added to the breeding flock and Tara, daughter of Kleine Dirk (G. and C. Koopman), has made a fantastic breeding pair with the famous Ché.

In 2015, all the breeders of Martin and Joke Geven were brought to the Eijekamp breeding farm. They are, first and foremost, proven breeders.

The Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp pigeons are pigeons that can take first place anytime they want in 300-750 km races, occasionally adding a Heremans-Ceusters or Stefaan Lambrechts blood to give them a little more speed. This is the reason why "Golden Grizzle" 13-1827866 was added to their broodmare to reinforce breeding stability, as this grizzle hen has won eight sprint and middle distance races.

The Eijerkamp team shines with pride, with numerous National Aces, National wins, NPO wins, outstanding titles and names behind them.

Some of the pigeons in our population are descendants of this species.
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